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IT projects!

2directIT is committed to unravelling government-related issues for you. 2directIT is committed to reducing your burden. 2directIT is committed to realizing a more compact government. You are expected to transmit your information to the government via electronic Public Services and in the process you are required to comply with all kinds of rules and regulations. Using my knowledge of IT and experience dealing with the government, I will be able to direct your company to the Public Service Department you need.

I will make efficient use of your IT-resources to improve your operational management.


At 2directIT you will find the IT-knowledge you need to improve your operations. All you need to do is contact 2directIT.

Do you work for the government and are you interested in putting a more efficient IT system in place?

I am committed to realizing a more compact government by:

  • Automating the exchange of information between government and the business world.
  • Between government institutes.

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